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The murder of Philadelphia rapper, PnB Rock sent shockwaves through the Hip-Hop community with many believing it was a robbery attempt turned murder scene, but now it seems like the situation might’ve been a result of PnB’s past history.

TMZ is reporting that police are investigating the possibility that PnB was murdered due to some unknown beef he might’ve had with certain people or even for hanging out with the wrong group of people. The reason for the latest theory that his death might’ve been an execution is because authorities are pondering why the gunmen didn’t just rob him and leave as opposed to robbing and then killing the “Misunderstood” rapper. The new theory even has investigators crossing state lines and branching out of LA to see if they can crack the case of why PnB Rock was murdered.

We’re told investigators are especially interested in his ties to Atlanta — where he apparently spent quite a bit of time — as well as his home city of Philly … and they’re asking any and everybody if PnB had known enemies who might’ve had it out for him.

PnB’s lyrics are also under a microscope at the moment, with cops wanting to see if he referenced any feuds he might’ve had with any of his peers and/or other individuals.

Many assumed that Rock might’ve fought back during the robbery before being fatally shot, but maybe investigators might be onto something. Whether or not they actually have leads is anyone’s guess but judging from how far they’re going with their investigation, they seem to be taking the case very seriously.

As for everyone who claims that his girlfriend is to blame for his murder and might’ve even set him up, “we’re told cops don’t believe PnB’s girlfriend, Steph, had anything to do with PnB’s death. A theory was floated by people outraged she posted their location, suggesting she might’ve done so on purpose. Our sources call that BS, adding she’s not believed to have been involved in the planning or execution of the killing in any capacity.”

Hopefully people will put a rest to that nonsense and let that woman grieve in peace.

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