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P Diddy and Mase - MTV Video Music Awards

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Diddy is making his promotional rounds and is not ducking any questions. He says MA$E owes him $3 million but the rapper says otherwise.

As per Complex the Bad Boy Entertainment CEO recently paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and participated in a lengthy interview with the crew. While he discussed several hot topics, it was his response to allegations that he takes advantage of his artists that got the culture talking. “[It] has really tried to stain my legacy,” he explained. “I don’t like to get in just talking people’s business and things like that… [but] I can’t have y’all following me, because I am here to be a leader and to give some direction, if you think that I’m a scumbag that will ever steal anything—My name is Diddy, Sean Combs, I never took nothing from nobody a day in my life. All I’ve ever given is opportunity and more money than a person was making.”

Charlamagne went on to push the issue a bit further and directly asked why his former talents have accused him of underhanded business practices. “People have this thing called the tap out button, when you get to a certain point and the money is running low you gotta run this hustle to find somebody to blame,” Diddy responded. “I have all my receipts.”

He went on to speak directly about MA$E and his recent claims. “Just in general, the MA$E thing. I did one album with MA$E. One album. How much money do you think I owe this guy,” he said. “And then he became a fake pastor and went and conned people. And y’all going [to] let him throw dirt on the God’s name. Anybody can come and step up. Bring your receipts. But I’m not playing. I’m back outside and I’m fighting back for us. And I’m also doing some fighting back for me.”

Diddy went on to speak specifics and alluded to Betha still owing him on an advance. “Mase owes me $3 million,” he revealed. “That’s facts, I got the receipts. … And I’m not going [to] go back-and-forth with MA$E. I’m not going back-and-forth with nobody. I’m just gonna speak up for myself now. … Anybody that thinks I owe them something, show me the receipt and you’ll get paid within 24 hours.”

Naturally the Q&A quickly went viral and landed on the “Welcome Back” rapper’s radar and he responded to Diddy. “You see how people act when you won’t let them come on stage, and give their fake apology so they can promote that little wack song,” he said in a video clip posted to Instagram.

MA$E followed the post up with another video where he pointed out that many of the original Bad Boy Entertainment roster have passed thus Diddy’s claim is baseless. You can view the clip below.

Photo: Anthony Harvey – PA Images / Getty