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“If me and your homeboy can come to conclusions then they can get another album out of me.”

Since the fallout of Buck with G-Unit, the Tennessee native has been on his music hustle and has been grinding out for the streets on the mixtape circuit.  Regardless of his evident potential, nothing seems to matter as his heavy grind has not been able to iron out his issues with 50 Cent and has not been able to release another album.

Calling into DJ Whoo Kid’s radio station during Kid’s birthday, Buck spoke on the past and the hope to find a way to reconcile their differences and move on to future endeavors.

“At the end of the day, it was really all a misunderstanding from the beginning with me and the 50 cent situation.  It just was no communication to get anywhere…He took his actions and did what he had to do with it.  It is what it is, my ni**

a, but if there’s room for a ni**a to make something work, I would be less of a man to not be open to it.  I’m bout making money.”

Buck has been able to survive the storm and has stated that he may have come out with cuts and bruises, but pain is necessary for growth as he has come back even stronger and much smarter than he was as it relates to the actual music as well as the business aspect.

“This ain’t the same Buck that you seen 3 or 4 years ago.  My mind is better, my physical sh$% is on.  Everything is together my ni**a.  I came in this game to be in this game long term.  I didn’t come in to come and go.”

Although he has no qualms with his former group, Buck stated his preference to continue on his own as he was not able to be himself while in the group.  His mixtapes and glimpses in his second album Buck The World, show a different side to the rapper and the fact that he may not have fit into the mold, which also made him a standout in the group.

It is necessary, however, that 50 and Buck has an actual one-on-one with another face to face and discontinue the discussions over the phone.

“In certain situations, I feel like I’m right and he’s wrong and vice versa.  We just need to have a real ni**a conversation face to face.  This phone sh%& don’t work.  I don’t mind coming to a ni**a and looking a ni**a in his eye.”

As time has progressed, the beef on wax has trickled down to reality with the recent escalation of violence among the youth, particularly the Black community.  Accept it or reject it, Hip-Hop is becoming the role model so instances such as these to make peace should not be taken for granted.