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Bottles of drinks for sale in Publix Grocery Store

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Good news my fellow iced tea loving brethren, though inflation is hitting us hard and causing food prices to raise something ridiculous, hood favorite AriZona Iced Tea will continue to stay at the reasonable price of $0.99.

According To HypeBeast, AriZona Iced Tea chairman and founder Don Vultaggio said that the company has no plans on raising the price of their classic 23-ounce drink and would keep the can to $1 for “for as long as we can.” Whew! Crisis averted, am I right? With the price of milk, eggs, bread and everything else we consume on a daily basis continuing to rise due to inflation, the last thing we needed was for AriZona Iced Tea to begin selling for more than $0.99 cents.

“I tell people every day I go to a gunfight with Coke and Pepsi. I have a water gun and they have machine guns. And the way I succeed is by doing things differently,” said Vultaggio.

Instead of spending millions on advertisements like its competitors, AriZona Iced Tea plans to maintain its word-of-mouth marketing, increase its sales volume, and cut down on manufacturing costs with new packaging designs.

Additionally, Don Vultaggio emphasized the importance of quality, revealing that he personally approves every AriZona product that is released. “I know what drives our base… We taste good consistently. We look good consistently, and we’re priced fairly consistently.”

AriZona Iced Tea doesn’t need any advertising at this point. It became an instant classic when it hit the bodega in the early 90s with its big cans towering over those small glass Snapple bottles with a price that read 99 cents. Couple that with its superior taste and that was all we needed.

It’s good to know that at least one company out there isn’t price gouging its products and taking advantage of inflation for more profit. Just sayin.’

What do y’all think? Should more companies follow AriZona Iced Tea’s lead? Let us know in the comments section below.