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Twitter Is Reportedly Asking Laid-off Workers To Come Back

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Bootleg Tony Stark, aka the “Chief Twit” Elon Musk, is on the job and is dedicated to running Twitter into the ground.

Once Elon Musk brought himself and the kitchen sink into Twitter headquarters, he made it clear significant changes were coming.

The Muskification of the social media platform began on Friday, Nov. 4, and saw the Twitter workforce cut in half, with 3,800 Twitter employees losing their jobs because Elon Musk has no idea what he is doing.

Apparently, after Musk and his version of Twitter “accidentally” let go of employees who have the experience to roll out new features, they now need them back.

One of those features is Elon Musk’s bonehead $8 Twitter Blue subscription service that will now make a blue check more of a perk than a tool to guarantee that you are getting information from a legit news source.

After the soft rollout of the new subscription service, Musk and his company hit the delay button on it, and now his company is bringing back some laid-off employees, according to a Bloomberg report. 

Casey Newton broke the news of the company having to spin the block.

“Multiple sources and Twitter Blind chats now saying that the company has begun to reach out to some people it laid off yesterday asking them to come back. Whoops!”

“From Twitter Slack: “sorry to @- everybody on the weekend but I wanted to pass along that we have the opportunity to ask folks that were left off if they will come back. I need to put together names and rationales by 4PM PST Sunday.”

Elon Musk Stinks At His Job

Since taking over, Elon Musk has begun his rule with an iron, misguided fist. On his account, the Tesla boss proudly tweeted that “comedy is now legal on Twitter.”

That does not appear to be the case. Just recently, the bored billionaire suspended comedian Kathy Griffin who turned her account into a parody of him.

Clearly, he can’t take a joke. 

The Elon Musk era is going to be a wild one.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty