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Adidas might’ve cut ties with Kanye West, but apparently that doesn’t mean they stop churning out more colorways of the popular Yeezy silhouettes in the coming future.

According to Bloomberg, adidas plans on continuing to release more Yeezy sneakers and slides with the exception that they will not be baring the name “Yeezy” on the packaging. Whether or not that will effect the popularity of the sneakers in the future or the resale value of older Yeezy sneakers is anyone’s guess at this point, but adidas isn’t giving up on the silhouettes that made up roughly 50% of the $250 million. Though they will save $300 million by going it alone, it’s still unclear if sneakerheads will be interested in “Yeezy” kicks that are no longer associated with the controversial artist.

Still, CFO Ohlmeyer said the profitability of the line is often overstated because its costs include only those directly related to Yeezy products, not all the centralized expenses that were shouldered by Adidas’s wider business network. 

“Let me be clear, we own all the IP, we own all the designs, we own all the versions and new colorways,” Ohlmeyer said. “It’s our product. We do not own the Yeezy name.”

Y’all know Kanye will call for a boycott of new “Yeezy” colorways at some point in the future. Even if they drop the price of Yeezy’s from $250 to $150, we’re not sure heads will bite. Maybe if they go for $50 they could move weight. Just sayin.’

While many had hoped that Kanye would somehow find his way back to Nike and retro the classic Nike Yeezy silhouettes, it’s not looking like Nike has any interest in associating with celebrities who dabble in antisemitic rhetoric. Just ask Kyrie Irving.

What do y’all think of adidas continuing to churn out new “Yeezy” merchandise without the Yeezy stamp on them? Let us know in the comments section below.