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Ye Was Running A Toxic Tight Ship Ship At Yeezy: Report

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According to a scathing new report, working at Ye’s YEEZY wasn’t the dream job these workers thought it would be.

Ye was a terrible boss. A new detailed report written by Cheyenne Roundtree for Rolling Stone shows how Ye’s fashion brand was not just a home for innovation but also alleged mistreatment of its staff and contractors.

Some workers even described the atmosphere as “cult-like,” consisting of 12-15 hour work days and workers either waiting to be paid or not seeing paychecks for their work and being fired abruptly.

“Nothing has ever compared to the amount of chaos, the amount of stress, and [the amount of] anxiety you go through working for Yeezy,” one adidas x Yeezy senior team member revealed to the publication.

Another former Yeezy employee shared the time they were let go for suggesting they play Drake’s music. Generally at the Yeezy studio, West loves to play his music in his space, but for this occasion asked for other recommendations after someone suggested he listen to something else.

Ye allegedly looked around the room before zeroing in on one employee, asking want they wanted to hear.

“I thought, “Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap,” the ex-staffer suggested Drake, who “had” bad blood with West, that turned out to be a bad idea. “Big mistake — the next day, I was fired.”

A top creative was allegedly called out and let go for wearing a yellow sweater. The staffer was reportedly told to “dress for the palette, or you dress in black.”

The threat of being fired by Ye filled the air because of constant firings. One employee believes that they were probably a result of West’s mistrust, especially towards those in his inner circle.

Billionaire Ye Was Funny With The Money

Another interesting tidbit in the report was the employee’s money being delayed or not coming. The report says that payment was a recurring issue with the Yeezy company, with some workers having to wait months before their Yeezy funds went through.

The situation got so bad at one point that frustrated, and disgruntled employees held a “mini strike” until they got paid. Some employees are still allegedly waiting for their money.

One employee believes that Ye’s ego was messing with people’s money as the rapper was withholding funds to get back at adidas.

“I’m not sure he ever realized that people in his orbit weren’t getting paid,” a person close to the situation said. “I think he just thought, “I’m not approving this stuff because I’m pissed for XYZ, so I’m just gonna put a halt on whatever [adidas] bring[s] to us for payment.” I really don’t know that he ever looked deep enough to know that it was affecting his own people.”

Oh, and those rumblings of the “Black Skinhead” rapper being fascinated with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party, another employee added more fuel to that fire.

West allegedly told the room, “skinheads and Nazis were his greatest inspiration.”

Bruh, Ye is a whole mess.

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