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Is this the same Gucci that gave us Freaky Girl???


U mean the same Gucci that gave us Wasted???


Nahhh, this can’t be the Gucci Mane that gave us the New Club King Waka Flocka, is it???


Gucci, say it aint so bruh.  This tape was easily 12 Tracks of Struggle.  I’ll be honest, had this been a Gucci Mane tape, with random features here and there…U know your Waka’s, Luda’s and Rozay’s.  But this V-Nasty chick may just be thee WORST RAPPER I’ve Ever Heard!  Hearing her scream on the records made my ears bleed!  She raps like your typical dude from the hood, but sounds as believable as Robin Thicke being Jeezy’s Ghostwriter!


“White Brick Mob…Bricksquad White-girl Mob…Me and Gucci Talkin Real Shyte!” – V-Nasty “Whip Appeal”

GET V-NASTY THEE ENTIRE Fawk OUTTA HERE!  She followed those lines up with “Gucci let’s get’em, got that A.R. Chopper!”

Come On 5, STOP IT!  I know what you’re gonna say, “Well what about when Nicki Minaj raps like that?”  These two should honestly never be mentioned in the same sentence!  The only thing they have in common is their sexual orientation.

I honestly can’t think of a half decent record on this tape.  If it was ok, trust me, it got Bad IMMEDIATELY when V-Nasty began to rap.  I’ma chill though…Gucci please get back to those club bangers we’re used to fam.