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Madlib x Mark Ronson x Coca-Cola x Recycled Records

Source: The Coca-Cola Company / The Coca-Cola Company

The art of sampling is taking something previously recorded and rendering it anew by chopping, looping, and other techniques that are the hallmarks of Hip-Hop production. Producers Madlib and Mark Ronson joined forces with The Coca-Cola Company for an innovative EP cleverly titled Recycled Records.

Madlib x Mark Ronson x Coca-Cola x Recycled Records

Source: The Coca-Cola Company / The Coca-Cola Company

The Recycled Records campaign launched back in December, putting Oxnard, Calif. native Madlib (Lootpack, Madvilliany, Freddie Gibbs) and London’s Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Wale, Lady Gaga) in charge of sampling a bevy of sounds from a number of recycling centers that are turning used clear plastic bottles into new containers for a bevy of Coca-Cola products.

For years,  Sprite, Fresca, and Seagram’s used a distinctive green plastic for their products, and as we learn in a short film narrated by the legendary MC Lyte, those bottles can largely only be used once. With Coca-Cola transitioning to clear bottles, recycling is now easier than ever thus creating less impact on the environment and giving the bottles new life.

The campaign produced the unique seven-track EP full of original tracks from Madlib and Mark Ronson, all of which are sonically different than the other and show off an amazing range of sounds between the pair. Fans can also try their hand at sampling the sounds and producing their own beats using the same library of sounds the Loopdigga (Madlib) and Ronson employed on their respective outings.

Madlib x Mark Ronson x Coca-Cola x Recycled Records

Source: The Coca-Cola Company / The Coca-Cola Company

“Sampling is an artform which is constantly regenerating. The tiniest sound, whether from an old record or from the world around us, can inspire an entire piece of music. I learnt from my heroes, DJ Premier and Q-Tip, who all made incredible albums from sampling, and it’s stayed an integral part of my work up until today,” Ronson added in a statement.

Madlib adds, “A great sample doesn’t have to come from other music, it just has to make you move. The thud of a plastic bottle going through a recycling facility is, in its own way, a piece of art, it has the ability to transform. Being able to take sounds from the recycling process that are so different from what I’ve used in the past, and flipping it into a whole new format, is a great example of the versatility of sound. Now any cat has the opportunity to make some dope sounds of their own.”

As the short film highlights, the most random sounds were used to create the samples, including the fizz of a bottle opening, the whirr of a forklift in motion, and the steady hiss of a factory conveyer belt. These music masters used all of their skills to flip these sounds into serious head-nodding bangers.

The campaign is part of Coca-Cola’s wider efforts in waste management under its World Without Waste operation.

To learn more, please visit this link to get more information on Recycled Records and to create your own original soundscape. Kudos to The Coca-Cola Company for its effort in protecting the planet by reducing waste on a global scale.


Photo: Coca-Cola Company