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Cypress Hill’s B-Real Explains Why He Doesn’t Smoke Weed From Strangers [Video]


Puff, Puff, Pass… You’ve seen many rappers do it like Snoop before, but you won’t catch Cypress Hill’s B- Real taking a puff from a blunt passed to him from a fan in the crowd.

Speaking with TMZ, the Cypress front man revealed he doesn’t smoke weed from unknown sources because it could be laced with something like PCP or Angel Dust. Or just not to his liking.

B-Real said,

“That’s why I roll my own weed.  I pass it off to one of my guys and we just throw it away.  The first time I was in Amsterdam, their whole thing is smoking it with tobacco and I don’t smoke cigarettes or tobacco so I took a big hit and it was the worst thing ever so I learned early I’m not taking anything from the crowd. I roll my own. “

Smart call with that one.

Watch the clip as B-Real explains more about unsolicited blunts and spliffs.


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