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This Can’t Be Life: When Stage Crashing Goes Wrong


Let’s be honest, we’ve all gotten a little hype while at a concert of our favorite artist. If you’re not excited to see said artist perform, why pay for the ticket? Controlled enthusiasm is always encouraged. But, you never want to be “That Person,” that had a little too much fun and became a star on TMZ, MediaTakeout, and of course, Bossip.

In some instances we see fans that get so excited, that they decide to make an appearance on stage with their favorite performer. Sharing that moment with your new bff can go extremely wrong as seen in a recent report by TMZ when an overzealous fan jumped on stage to share a bond, hug, or some sort of WWE Wrestling move with DMX. Of all people DMX is probably the LAST artist you should attempt to jump on stage to greet. I guess X didn’t respond to that kite he sent him, while locked away in his most recent prison stint. While it wasn’t the smartest of decisions as you’ll see, I doubt he’d attempt it again. In the words of Kevin Hart, “You Gon’ Learn Today!”


Naturally, this made us think about some of the best & worst instances of Stage Crashing. Continue on to see what happens when fans decided to say hello to Weezy, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Snoop and more.

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