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Social media personality Jake Paul lost his cool after being roasted by Bomani Jones during an interview on his HBO Max show, causing a clip to go viral.

Over the weekend, Jake Paul was the subject of a virtual interview with the Emmy Award-winning journalist for his Game Theory show on HBO Max. The former Disney Channel star and social media influencer-turned-boxer was introduced by Jones after a lengthy monologue, and Jones asked “What happens if you lose?” Paul was annoyed with the question, and he responded “I don’t know who the f*** you are, my PR team set up this interview.” Jones quipped: “All I know about you is that people don’t like you!!”

Things spiraled out of control further as Jones tried to ask Paul another question. “You got what you wanted with your viral interview. This is your big moment,” Paul said. “Soak it all in, man.”

Jones swiftly responded, “I talked to a bunch of bigger m************rs than Jake Paul in this world.”

“Have a nice f—ing day with your clout, buddy,” Paul snapped. “I hope you make a thousand dollars off of this interview for some views. Have a nice day.” He then slammed his laptop shut, putting an abrupt end to the interview.

Paul’s animosity had been present earlier in the interview after Jones asked him earlier about his new venture, Betr, a sports betting app and media company that specializes in micro-betting. “Do you worry that experts say that micro-betting is one of the most addictive forms of gambling, giving that your audience is younger people?” Jones asked.

Paul retorted: “My audience is older people. I get what you’re trying… to be like a hero here and like save the day and paint me in a bad light.” Jones interjected: “I’m saving the day?” Paul responded, “No, you’re trying to. Probably with your guest, you get one over on them, and they’re not smart enough to keep track of what you’re doing.”

Jones began to laugh as he interrupted Paul. “Nobody’s trying to fool you, Jake. Why do I need to try and fool you? I’m asking a real question. You appeal to younger people, and this is how you’ve made a lot of money. And you’re still appealing to young people. And now you are selling micro-betting and the question is, do you worry about that?”