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Gawker Writer Not Fired For Using ‘Ni**a’ In Kanye West Post


Gawker editor-in-chief A.J. Dauelerio deemed it necessary to clarify that Seth Abramovitch was not fired for his use of the N-word in a post making light of Kanye West’s DONDA endeavor.

“I’d like to reiterate here that there were other factors before and after this DONDA mess which led to it,” wrote Dauelerio of Abramovitch’s dismissal.

Of course it did. But it’s interesting how Daulerio/Gawker figured there was no need to edit the word “ni**a” in the subject line of this most recent post, though. Especially since the word is edited and striked through on the original offensive post.

If you’re going to show contrition, go all the way. Also, I don’t know many bosses who would admittedly profess that they would give a glowing recommendation to an ex-employee with racist tendencies. Post-racial America, you gotta love it.