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We all know that 50 Cent is all about his coin regardless if you have it or not, and now he’s applying pressure on a former Sire Spirits employee who owes the Guerrilla Unit general a King Kong sized grip.

According to Complex, Mitchell Green was found guilty of embezzling over $2 million at Le Chemin du Roi champagne as the company’s brand management director which was created by 50 Cent’s brand Sire Spirits. In 2019, Green apparently decided to take advantage of his position and allegedly up-charged wholesalers on merchandise and had them pay agency fees only to walk away with the extra cash.

From Complex:

The court ordered Green to pay the company over $6 million, including pre-judgment interest, attorney’s fees, arbitrator compensation, and more. 

Green petitioned to appeal the lawsuit, which landed him in a deeper hole. The court denied his request and added nearly $90,000 to his outstanding debt for attorney fees. 

The filings reads that if Green refuses to pay, the Power producer can seize his personal property and other assets until it’s paid off. In addition, 50 Cent is also suing Michael Caruso and his wife for their involvement with the champagne scheme. The two ordered to help pay off the balance with Green. 

Naturally, that was all Fiddy needed to take to his Instagram page to rub some salt in the wound and troll Green at the same time writing, “👀Look i’m a need that by Monday! 🤨#bransoncognac#lecheminduroi.”


Whether or not Green has the money to pay up or not, best believe 50 Cent will seize whatever property he wants as he is indeed from South Side Jamaica, Queens. That man may be filthy rich, but he’s still taking anything that isn’t nailed to the floor if he can. Just sayin.

That being said, did Teairra Marí ever pay off the $30,000 she owed 50?? Looks like chicken feed compared to $6 million.

What do y’all think about this situation? Fiddy being petty or Fiddy being Fiddy? Let us know in the comments section below.