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In today’s episode of Tapioca Tears And The Poor Souls Who Supply Them, an apparently bi-racial interviewer conducted an awkward, cringy and second-hand embarrassment-inducing interview with the rap duo City Girls, got dragged for it by Black people and tried to blame the dragging on Black people’s alleged attitudes towards those who aren’t “full Black,” not her deplorable interviewing skills.

First, let’s start with the interview, because, bruh—what was even going on here?

Tamera Kissen, the interviewer who Blavity described as an “influencer,” caught up with City Girls after their set at Hip-‘Hop festival Rolling Loud in California. I would say that at some point, the interview went downhill, but really, there was never a hill. This interview started on the ground and just continued to sink.

From Blavity:

During the interview, Yung Miami and Kissen realized they had met before. However, they were unable to recall the details of their last encounter. An awkward silence followed as the pair tried to remember how they met.

The conversation continued to spiral down as Kissen threw out random questions throughout the clip.

Many social media users followed up with criticism, saying Kissen doesn’t know how to conduct herself professionally.

In other words, she got dragged because the “interview” was drag-worthy.

According to the Shade Room, Kissen had an interesting take on why Black people reacted so negatively to an interview that would obviously only receive a negative response.

“The community really don’t f**k with you if you ain’t full black, let’s just be honest,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Nah sis, if you really want to “be honest,” you don’t get to throw Black people under the bus because everyone who saw your janky-a** interview wanted to know what in the amateur hour was happening.

I mean, she spent the first 30 seconds of the “interview” going back and forth with Miami about where they knew each other from like they had just bumped into each other at Walmart. Then Kissen’s first question out the gate was, “How many broke men have you let hit?”

Wait, sorry, that was her second question. Her first question to the rap duo was, “Did you know it was the 50th day of Hip-Hop today?” to which the City Girls answered “no,” to which the supposedly partially Black woman interviewing a Hip Hop act responded, “Me neither. They told me to talk about it.”

Now, I’m going to give Kissen the benefit of the doubt and assume she meant “50th anniversary of Hip- Hop.” Still, she doesn’t know why the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop is important, but she’s upset the Black community doesn’t take her seriously, huh? I mean, OK.)

But nah, it’s probably just because she’s biracial. That tracks.

Honestly, you can tell Kissen hasn’t been around enough “full Black” people, because if she had, she would have known hitting “send” on that alleged tweet would get her dragged even further.

I mean, if we want to really keep it one hundred, blaming Black people for your own inadequacy is some white people sh*t. So, maybe that’s the real problem.