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'RoboCop: Rogue City' Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Source: Nacon/Teyon Games / RoboCop/ Rogue City

RoboCop issues out his brand of justice in a new gameplay trailer.

Teyon Games aims to deliver the superior experience as the law enforcement cyborg in its RoboCop: Rogue City video game.

The gameplay overview trailer was dropped during publisher, Nacon’s, Nacon Connect showcase showing not only show RoboCop taking out thugs with his trusty auto-9, and knocking them clear across the room, but also handing out parking tickets. We are very serious about that last part.

We also learned the game will be coming out later than expected with its new release date.

Take Out Criminals & Hand Out Parking Tickets In RoboCop: Rogue City

The trailer shows the popular late 80s early 90s action film character patroling the crime infested streets of Old Detroit. Using his computer programmed detective skills we see Alex Murphy root out a drug den in the basement of an arcade.

Once he finds the perps, he whips out his auto-9, and even switches to a machine gun to vicisouly take out the criminals stupid enough to think they can stop RoboCop. The trailer also showcase exactly how bloody this game will be, which should be a welcome sign to fans of the RoboCop film franchise.

Blowing away crooks is not the only thing RoboCop will do in Rogue City. As mentioned above we see him the cyborg cop handing out a ticket to a car parked too close to a fire hydrant.

Another big deal is the fact Peter Weller, the actoer who played Alex Murphy/RoboCop in the first two films lends his voice for the game. He doesn’t sound exactly like he does in the films, but we’re gonna chop that it up to the fact he is 75-years-old now.

Still, this one of the games we are very curious about and are looking forward to playing RoboCop: Rogue City when it drops in September on on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

No word if this game will be on the Nintendo Switch.

Photo: Nacon/Teyon Games / RoboCop/ Rogue City

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