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A$AP Rocky & Jeremy Scott Cover Complex Magazine [Video]


Rapper A$AP Rocky and designer Jeremy Scott share the cover of the February/March 2012 issue of Complex Magazine. The cover is an homage to this Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat poster.

“As black people it was our thing to show that we’re not living in poverty and that we can afford extravagant things—that kind of stuck with us,” A$AP told Complex of Hip-Hop’s fascination with fashion. “So when our great-grandparents were putting on their favorite outfits, it was to put on a front for the hard times. And hip-hop is a bunch of people that never had nothing. Fashion is just an expression. It’s an art. It expresses your taste. Good taste is important in hip-hop.”

Word. The full cover story can be read here. A behind the scenes video of the photo shoot, where A$AP, who name drops Scott’s name in song, met the creator of those bugged out looking adidas, for the first time is below.