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Secret Invasion

Source: Disney / Marvel Studios / Secret Invasion

At this point, in 2023, Marvel fans are, well, kind of Marvel’d out.

With the recent movies and television shows on Disney+, it feels like we’ve been oversaturated with mediocre Marvel Cinematic Universe stories to the point that fans are saying “No mas!” But the trailer to the upcoming Secret Invasion series has us feeling that excitement and curiosity for a project we haven’t felt for a while.

After taking a break from the Marvel madness that’s been unfolding for the past few years, Samuel L. Jackson returns as everyone’s favorite super spy, Nick Fury, to tackle what’s seemingly an alien takeover being implemented by the Skrulls that Fury befriended in Captain Marvel. Returning to earth after spending some time in space with the race of alien shapeshifters, Nick Fury gets right to work and embarks on what could be his last mission (as the trailer seems to tease). This could be Nick Fury’s swan song.

While everyone is asking “where are the Avengers?” Nick bluntly states “This war is one I have to fight, alone” as it’s a personal matter to him. Why does he feel this is all on him? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. But even though he’s going lone-wolf on this adventure, he will be joined by the likes of Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi minus the dragons) who will seemingly have his back throughout the series. How they got involved and what role they’ll be playing is anyone’s guess, but best believe we’ll be tuning in to find out once this series premiers on Disney+ come June 21.

Check out the trailer to Marvel Studio’s Secret Invasion below and let us know if you’ll be giving this a chance this Summer.