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The SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B series has laid bare the challenges of working in the R&B industry–especially as part of a girl group. SWV–the more “seasoned” group–has shared that their career path took them through personal struggles including mental illness and homelessness. However, Xscape’s segments on the Bravo show have been focused on infighting between the group members–particularly sisters Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott-Bivens. 

In the premiere episode, Tamika confronted her sister (and mother) about missing royalty payments. She alleged that LaTocha and her husband/manager Rocky Bivens stole more than $30,000 that she was owed from music licensing—something her sister denied. The accusations caused a rift between the sisters and in the group threatening the potential tour that was the reason for the reality show in the first place. 

As we previously reported, Tamika even dropped receipts on her big sis with a spicy 18-minute YouTube video featuring interviews and text message threats about sex tapes and more. 

But, on episode 5–the second to last of the six-part series, LaTocha and Tamika seem to have come to, well, to quote an Xscape song, an “Understanding.” 

The sisters met up at Atlanta’s Buckhead Theatre, where LaTocha was rehearsing her solo music with Rocky nearby. They exchanged some pleasantries and then got down to business. 

“What happened? Like, how did we even get here?” asked LaTocha, according to the official recap from Bravo. “’Cause this is crazy.”

During the conversation, the subject of the missing money wasn’t actually addressed. However, the two sisters agreed that their relationship is more important than anything else. 

“When my sister and I were growing up, and our dad decided to leave, it was just the three of us and we made it through,” said an emotional LaTocha. “My mom knew: As long as we stuck together, we could get over anything. As long as I got my sister, I’m good.”

She added, “Family is everything at the end of the day.”

In recent press interviews, LaTocha also said that there are still more surprises to come on the series with one episode left. “Everybody has to make a choice to say what it is they want to do,” she told The Daily Dish. “Whether we’re gonna continue to move forward or everybody’s gonna go their separate ways.”

Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Tamika in NYC and she said that “if the numbers are right,” Xscape and SWV would still tour together this year. A decision that many fans have said they would welcome given that 2023 marks a landmark year for both groups–with both celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of their debut albums. 

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