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Starring Colin Farrell as the titular character, the trailer to 'The Penguin' picks up where 'The Batman' left off.

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

While comic book fans await to see where Matt Reeves is going to go with the sequel to his critically acclaimed, The Batman, MAX (formerly known as HBO Max), will keep his iteration of Gotham City relevant, as we’ve gotten our first look at their upcoming Batman spinoff series, The Penguin.

Starring Colin Farrell as the titular character, the trailer to The Penguin picks up where The Batman left off. Gotham City’s underworld is experiencing a power vacuum being that its biggest boss, Carmine Falcone, is now out the picture thanks to The Riddler. In a Sopranos style ascension to the top, Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) is looking to take on the role left open by his former boss (Falcone) and bumps heads with rival under lords looking to solidify their own place in a post-Falcone Gotham City.

With a mean limp on one side and a gun on the other, The Penguin embarks on a violent journey that’s sure to at some point end with him rocking a top hat, monocle and umbrella that can spray bullets. We can’t wait.

Whether or not we’ll be introduced to Clayface (the big baddie said to be inked in for The Batman 2) remains to be seen, but we’ll definitely keep an eye out for the name Basil Karlo (Clayface) when this series hits MAX.

Check out the teaser trailer to The Penguin below and let us know if you’ll be checking for it when it hits MAX sometime in 2024.