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The frustrations expressed by Bleu Davinci last week regarding Young Jeezy allegedly leaving BMF founder Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory high and dry are being validated by Atlanta rapper Alley Boy. In a Hip-Hop Wired exclusive interview, Alley Boy explains that he telephoned Big Meech in prison and confirms that Young Jeezy has neither been loyal or supportive of Meech, who is currently serving a 30 year federal prison sentence for drug trafficking charges.

“I’ve done spoken to Meech personally on the phone and I asked him,” Alley Boy told Hip-Hop Wired. Bleu Davinci walked up on me at Club Crucial. Bleu walked up on me like ‘the big homey [Meech] said call him’ and gave me a number to call him. He said, ‘Call him tomorrow,’ so I called the number and Meech gave me a lot of advice on what I need to be doing and said ‘leave that street Shyte alone, do your music.”

Alley Boy continued, “This is the first time ever talking to him a day in my life, I asked him, ‘Bro I ain’t trying to start anything but is dude [Young Jeezy] keeping it 100 with you?,’ and Meech said ‘No, it’s more like 50/50.’ Then he turned around and said, ‘I wouldn’t even say it’s all that.’ And to me that’s some fake A$$ sh** because at the end of the day these are the folk that made you in Atlanta so out of all people you should be breaking your neck for this man. So that’s a flaw in character.”

Recently, although he says he doesn’t take shots, Alley Boy deemed Young Jeezy’s gangster posturing fake in a track entitled “I Want In” off his newest mixtape offering Ni**anati.

The full interview with Duct Tape Entertainment/Atlantic Records artist Alley Boy keeping it 100 on any and all topics will be dropping shortly.