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Pharrell Pack X Doodles

Pharrell Pack, a new collection of digital, physical wearables and redeemables, was curated by Skateboard P himself. Merging the worlds of tech and fashion, a natural space for Pharrell Williams, the Pharrell Pack offers buyers a variety of stylish and fun options.

The Pharrell Pack is a collaboration with Doodles, which offers a selection of physical wearables, toys, and other items alongside digital countering items. With Pharrell’s eye for fashion and style, several brands connected to the Virginia Beach, Va. native such as BBC, Ice Cream, adidas, and Humanrace. Doodles recently launched a test version of its The Stoodio, a digital home that was born from the web3 world.

Pharrell Pack X Doodles

Via The Stoodio, buyers can redeem their Pharrell Pack and put new fashion flourishes on their Doodles 2 avatar with the custom digital wearables. The Pharrell Pack includes three digital wearables, 1 redeemable, and one beta pass. 48 of the 300 packs will have a grail redeemable and matching grail wearable. 252 packs will feature non-green sambas as redeemable along with exclusive wearables.

If that isn’t enough, 12 Doodlees will get a redeemable for a limited-edition Pharrell 50th birthday edition green Sambas. These Sambas will not be for sale anywhere else.

To learn more about the Pharell Pack and how to snag your own, please click here.

Photo: Doodles/Pharrell Williams