Hip-Hop Wired presents a new 4-part series entitled, The Commission. The name derives from the Hip-Hop super-group that never came to fruition, which consisted of The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, & Charli Baltimore. The group was designed around two of the Greatest MC’s of All-Time, which would have represented Hip-Hop at the highest levels possible. The aim of Hip-Hop Wired’s Commission is to essentially bring you opinions from some of the most respected names and brands within Hip-Hop culture.

This four part series will examine the following subjects:

“Who is Hip-Hop’s Next Great MC?”

“Who is the Best Camp in the Game?”

“Has Social Media Killed the Diss Record?”

“Has Hip-Hop Lost some of its Masculinity/Is Gangster Rap Dead?”

The Panelists:

Skoob – Sr. Editor at Hip-Hop Wired, Co-Host of Hip-Hop Unplugged & Music Junkies, has also worked for MTV & VH1 Networks

Alvin “Aqua” Blanco – Deputy Editor at Hip-Hop Wired, Contributed to XXL, Vibe, The Source and former Editor at

Kazeem “Kaz” Famuyide – Editor at The Source Magazine & Co-founder of RLE

Austin Miller – Music Producer, #Earned Instrumental Mixtape coming soon, Digital Marketer at ICED Media

Ice – A&R of The Streets

Eb The Celeb – Digital Content Producer that has worked for BET & Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, Digital Content Manager for Ne-Yo’s Compound Entertainment

Rahim Wright – Morning Show Producer at Clear Channel Network & Digital Publicist

Melanie Sims – Music Writer & Producer for ABC Radio, Written for Assoc. Press, Vibe & Essence Magazine

Contributing Panelists Opinions

Eb The Celeb

My vote is for Big K.R.I.T.  I feel lyrically, with his story telling, charisma, humility and the fact that he comes off as a really good dude that he has the potential to be around for a long time. I don’t necessarily feel his debut will be this huge commercial hit (similar to T.I.‘s I’m Serious), but the career that T.I. has had since then, I feel emulates what Krit’s will blossom in to.  He also makes his own beats, which also favor his longevity.

Melanie Sims

Kendrick Lamar for $1000, Alex. At this very moment, somebody’s enjoying that “Buried Alive” interlude from Drake‘s Take Care, and they have no clue that they’re listening to Kendrick Lamar.  He’s underground famous — not famous famous — which is unfortunate since the masses could benefit from adding a little O(verly) D(edicated) or Section.80 to their iTunes library. Kendrick also seems to have more heart than he has ego.  There’s a rawness and thoughtfulness to his lyrics that the game could always use more of. Please see:  “Ignorance is Bliss,” “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)”…


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