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The longevity of Sean “Diddy” Combs has ensured two things with one being the fact that no matter how shifty his business ethics may be, in regards to the music industry, he continues to find ways to draw in new arts to Bad Boy.

The other point is the fact that Diddy is strictly about his business and like Jay-Z, he goes to all bounds in order to claim the top position outside of the music industry.

His deal with Ciroc Vodka may have made a turn for the better, as Combs has decided to expand his deal with the world’s largest liquor maker and become a 50 percent owner of the brand. 

The other half of the brand belongs to Diageo who is also the owner of brands such as Smirnoff and Ketel One.

The saying goes that if it makes dollars, it must make sense as the deal between the two was able to give Diageo a little extra change by earning over $2 billion in sales during 2008.  Sales have not yet begun to dwindle either as sales have catapulted from 60,000 cases back in the beginning of 2007 to 400,000 going from 2008-2009. 

And everybody tries to say how bad alcohol can be.

Reports stemming from the Bloomberg News have stated that Diddy is taking his new-found partnership and using it to broaden the brand.  In doing so, he intends to release new flavors such as coconut and red berry. 

Known to market himself very favorably, it would only make cents for Combs to take his aggressiveness to the brand as he, along with Sean Combs Enterprises, takes responsibility and control of the management decisions within the joint effort.  Duties include marketing, advertising, public relation, product placements and Diddy’s specialty, events. 

Now if only Diddy was able to keep artists the way he kept his other business ventures rolling in, he would definitely be in business.

Related new shows that the publicized free agent release of Harlem rapper may have all been just smoke and mirrors.  Rumors have come about stating that Diddy is still unwilling to release his grasp on the rapper and the signature just allowed Mase to creatively express himself with other artists more freely. 

Jadakiss didn’t refer to it as Rape-N-U Records for nothing.

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