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Brooklyn’s own Maino stopped by the offices of This Is The Dream to chop it up on several topics. One of the main points discussed, was the current state of Hip-Hop. Maino suggests that a lot of the authenticity and realness has disappeared from the game, whereas it was seen as a requirement in year’s past. “Nobody cares about how real you are, or about authenticity. At the end of the day, the music just has to be good.”

The Hustle Hard MC went on to reminisce about how he’s grown from being that rapper that cared so much about “being real,” and how he’s adapted to today’s genre of Hip-Hop. “I have a more broad perspective than that, which is what I want people to understand…it’s not about I’m a real dude, that’s from the street,” said Maino. “This is the music business, and we are all entertainers… Nobody’s in the street. The people that really are, want to get out.”

After applying this new outlook to his approach in music, Maino spoke about collaborating with artists, that he typically wouldn’t have worked with in the past. “I don’t think I should hold myself down,” he said. “I did a song with Roscoe Dash, and some people asked why I did that…I should be able to rock with, whomever I want to rock with. I’ve done songs with Good Charlotte and Junior Sanchez. Artistry is artistry, and if good music can come out of it, then it can be done.”

Maino went on to elaborate: “If you continue to think  like that, then you won’t progress. I had to learn that everyone doesn’t have the same morals and principles that I have. This is business.”

The business at hand for the Brooklyn representative, is releasing his second album, The Day After Tomorrow, on Feb. 28th. Prior to the album, he released a new mixtape, I Am Who I Am, which is available now.