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“The West ain’t never gonna come back with just 1 n*gga trying to be poppin.  It’s gonna take 2, 3, 4, 5 n*ggas.  N*ggas think that they can bring it back by themselves and that they don’t need nobody else.  That’s your ego homie.  Let’s talk about reality.”

United they stand and divided they fall.  This has been the mentality of the South as they have formed a coalition and taken over the Hip-Hop industry.

During the golden era of rap, motivation was driven by competition so fans were more likely to see artists battling back and forth instead of deciding to just get along, but now times have made a transition where beef has become played out and people don’t believe silly beef put on wax.

The East Coast and the West Coast battled with one another and then turned against themselves as each region has dealt with hostility and tension that has continued to build.

Drama outweighed the actual product so the South was able to climb in and bring about tranquility and showed that they just wanted to have fun and had no time to be going at each other’s necks for no reason.

One quarter of the Slaughter, Crooked I was able to speak on up and coming Arizona rapper Juice on his vlog and stated that his come up could essentially be everyone’s come up for the West.

“N*ggas need to really open their because when one n*gga make it, as long as he’s a solid n*gga, everybody can get in.  If he ain’t solid, then he gonna get thrown over the fence while he’s eating and we gonna be hungry on the other side, but if he’s solid, he’s gonna open the Fawking fence and let everybody in.  That’s just what it is.”

Sharing is the key element as there is enough fame and fortune to go around.  When it all comes down to it, pride is every rappers kryptonite and creates a veil which clouds their actual judgment.

“Reality is that we all need to help each other.  Unity is the Shyte, the vision ain’t nothing.”

Another reality is the fact that the ship is sinking for the West and Snoop; Game and Dre can’t be the only ones to try and man the boat.  For artists that think they are making noise, the actual fact is that they are not outside of their respective areas.  It’s time to ditch the ego and change the game plan because no one can survive alone.