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Happiness seems to only last for but a moment when it pertains to surviving in the music industry.  The attempt to keep a personal life is almost impossible when there is a spotlight serving as surveillance to monitor someone’s every move.

The ongoing case of Nas and Kelis continues.  Contrary to popular demand, the two have not reconciled their differences as Nas is now in the process of trying to block Kelis’ request for $72, 728 a month in spousal support.

News came as it was reported that his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had filed court papers Monday.

Back in August, Laura Wasser, the attorney for Kelis, filed a motion seeking the final proposed amount above which she based off the reported monthly income of Nasir stating that he made $240,000 a month.    Along with that, she was also seeking $17,225 in child support monthly, $29, 522 in back child support and $281, 517 in retro spousal support.

Damn, Nas is looking like a slave to a page in her check book.

The pay rate expected from Nas has fluctuated since Kelis made the request for support.  Originally, Nas was ordered to give the “singer” $44,000 in child support along with a one-time payment of $45,000 which would go towards funding attorney fees, as well as, a forensic accountant.

September saw the two attending events together which gave an inch of hope that the two had been in conversation and everything was going to be settled between the two.  Believe half of what you see.

There seems to be hands coming from everywhere trying to get money from the rapper.  In October, reports stated that the IRS was on his tail and had filed a lien against him.  He reportedly owes the government $2, 584, 206.31 for unpaid taxes on income made from 2006 through 2007.

Well, the pursuit of happiness is a tall mountain to climb and it is evident that Nas will have to endure in order to get to the top.

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