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Even with the fashion world turning its back on him due to his MAGA ways and antisemitic views, Kanye West isn’t giving up on his designer dreams. But finding people to help him create brand new attire might be problematic, as he resorted to Craigslist to recruit help for his Yeezy brand.

Highsnobiety is reporting that Yeezus is combing through online applicants on Craigslist, and has even taken to his social media page to gauge interest from potential “interns” who might want to help him get his Yeezy brand back on track with promises of “a future in clothing food and shelter.”

See the Instagram ask here.

So tempting.

Kanye’s team went to Craigslist to conjure up interest from potential applicants who are already experienced in the field of graphic design along with photography, photo editing, pattern making, social media, warehouse logistics, apparel manufacturing, and product development.

Any one-man army familiar with all these fields will be rewarded handsomely with an hourly wage of $16.04 an hour. You’re basically going to be an “intern” who’s getting paid cents above minimum wage to run an entire company. That’s so Yeezy.

Back in the day, people would’ve been falling over themselves to be a part of the Yeezy team. A simple ask online and by word-of-mouth would’ve gotten the job done, but after everything he’s done over the past year, Ye’s name alone has become toxic to millions of people.

The posting comes on the heels of adidas successfully selling off its remaining Yeezy sneakers this past week in which users of the company’s adidas CONFIRMED app were able to enter raffles for Yeezy Boosts, Slides, and Foam Runners.

While most people have sworn off Yeezy products after Kanye went “Death Con 3” on the Jewish community late last year, sneakerheads and resellers haven’t and went in on the app for Yeezy Day 2023.

Seeing that there’s still a niche for his attire out in the general public, Ye might feel emboldened to continue to drop new clothing and footwear to his millions of adoring fans. The thing is, will they still gobble up his merchandise without the co-signature of big-time brands like Nike and adidas?

Highsnobiety reports:

Maybe Ye’s new interns will help him reconstruct those since-destroyed YEEZY shelters, though. Better than living in the past.

But worth working 40+ hours a week at just over minimum wage? You’d think not but, then again, remember that Ye’s fans have stuck with him through hate speech and social media meltdowns. A little cheap labor is presumably a small ask.

Those interns will more than likely be helping rebuild Yeezy shelters on their lunch break after figuring out warehouse logistics and before breaking down apparel manufacturing.

That being said, don’t be surprised if hundreds of people apply for the position, as Kanye still does have a devoted fanbase for whom he can do no wrong. They may come with MAGA hats and Swastika tattoos, but they’ll come.

What do y’all think of Kanye West recruiting interns for his Yeezy brand via Craigslist? Let us know in the comments section below.

Photo: Fox News/YouTube