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If music is the main squeeze of Hip-Hop culture, then drugs are its mistress. Drug addiction is nothing new to the game, but every once in a while things get out of hand and people end up in need of an intervention. While Snoop is perhaps the most open about his devotion to marijuana, he’s also one of the few rappers whose favorite past time—which is perfectly legal in his homes state of California with a medical marijuana card—hasn’t gotten out of control.

Then there are those who are not so lucky. Members of the Hip-Hop community who not only let drugs take over and sometimes end their lives, but just can’t seem to break away from the grip of addiction. The latest person to make headlines for this is producer Scott Storch. Once a sought after track master, as of late, Storch has been busted numerous times for powder possession, and even blew threw his estimated $70 million fortune since allegedly getting hooked on drugs back in 2006. In hopes that Storch can somehow turn his life around, here are 10 rappers he can look to for inspiration.

 Clicks on the #’s below to see examples Scott Storch, a former member of The Roots, or anyone strung out, allegedly, can use to get right.

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