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While her name has cooled off after her YouTube viral hit “Gucci Gucci” and inking a reported seven-figure deal, Oakland-based white girl rapper Kreayshawn is making headlines again after an interview in the March 2012 issue of GQ Magazine. In the piece, the 22-year-old revealed little new information after being shadowed by the writer (who was treated to convo about the subject taking a dump) over the course of a New Year’s Eve show. Instead, what was exposed was the very fact that Kreayshawn doesn’t possess much depth at all.

Born Natassia Zolot in the Bay Area, she clings heavily to her East Oakland roots during the interview. After a brief spell as a wannabe online pimp for local girls, she found herself back at square one. “We had a plan. We were gonna open up a massage parlor in the future and make it a real enterprise. It was gonna be legit,” remembered the pint-sized rapper.

Using her two semesters of film school as her fallback, Kreayshawn began filming herself rapping and videos for local rappers, most notably Lil B. However, fame was elusive before the “Gucci Gucci” days as earlier clips from the White Girl Mob member was not exactly her best work. Speaking on the song “Online Fantasy” which features some girl-on-girl action, Kreayshawn flaunts her s*xuality but only to seemingly serve her own needs for attention.

“I’m, like, a person who likes love. And I can find love in any type of person. I’ve dated girls and I’ve liked girls. But they’re usually straight girls, so it never works out. I mean, I’m not that gay, so I don’t have the energy to convince someone else to be gay, “ she shared with GQ.

While her life seems to be full of the typical entourage building and partying befitting of a person on the cusp of infamy, Kreayshawn has done little musically since the May 2011 release of “Gucci Gucci.” Even her White Girl Mob compatriot V-Nasty has kept herself busy on mixtapes and in headlines thanks to her use of the N-Word. Still, nothing significant has been released by the main act of the crew and while a mixtape has been promised for 2012, not one peep has been heard yet.

Will Kreayshawn ever make it out the gate or is she a flash in the pan? Time, less than 15 minutes worth, will most certainly tell.