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G.O.O.D. Music MC, Kid Cudi, is known for his very unique style and persona. He’s gone as far as adopting the alias “Mr. Rager,” who represents the “maniac” side of the MC and is someone he’s never afraid to bring out at any moment. At last night’s listening session for his new album WZRD, the audience found themselves introduced to Cudder’s alter-ego.

The Cleveland MC played the entire album for the select NYC crowd, which was a pretty solid listen even if you’re not into rock music. Afterwards he sat down for a little Q&A with the fans and the WZRD found himself asking the crowd for quiet, with the help of one female “STAN” in particular. Her random yelling into the crowd for everyone to “shut up,” probably fueled a little of Cudi’s anger towards the masses.

Once the onlookers were permitted to ask questions, the atmosphere began to change. While no fans asked anything out of line, the side conversations began to increase in both quantity and volume. “You guys are so full of s**t, whoever’s talking, you’re so full of s**t and I f**kin hate you…I’ll snuff you!” Cudi said. “I’m not a f**king substitute teacher. I’m not the principal of a school…I just hear b**ches.” Mr. Rager proceeded to look into the crowd and seemed to channel his anger in a particular direction, but never motioning or directing anything towards a particular individual.

Cudi went back to answering more questions, but he continued to voice his opinion on the crowd’s behavior. While he was clearly irritated and possibly inebriated, he did make a few great points.

“When two individuals who are putting their life out there through song, and they ask for your attention, you [the listeners] give it to them! You came here for a purpose…to hear our music, so f**king listen to it because we’re trying to educate you on what we’re doing…it’s as simple as that!” As people began to clap for the young star, he responded “Don’t clap…A lot of people think I’m an a**hole, but whatever, think what you want! This is what keeps me alive, making these songs, so f**k you if you can’t listen while I’m playing them!” Mr. Rager then dropped the mic to the ground and stormed off of the stage.

However, the manner in which Cudi’s feelings were conveyed was completely wrong. As an artist it’s always important to keep a cool head at all times, and although the fans were there to see him, the elements for complete silence weren’t in place. With rock music being played and alcoholic beverages being consumed, the likelihood for silence was very minimal. Luckily no one responded to his glare into the crowd, as things could have really gotten out of hand. When someone is passionate about their craft, it can be taken in the wrong context, which is what happened at this event.

Photo: Universal Records