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Instagram Threads, The Twitter Killer, Reportedly Launching Today

Source: NurPhoto / Getty / Instagram Threads

Following Elon Musk breaking Twitter over the weekend, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is trying to strike while the iron is hot and launch Instagram Threads immediately, its answer to Twitter.

Spotted on The Verge, Instagram Threads was supposed to launch on July 6, but looking to jump on Twitter falling out of grace with its loyal users, Meta will reportedly launch the “Twitter killer” today at 7 pm ET, 4 pm PT.

The news comes after many Instagram users have begun sharing actual tickets announcing the platform’s Thursday, July 6, 10 am launch.

Per The Verge:

We were expecting Meta’s new text-based social media platform to launch tomorrow at 10 am ET, but maybe something has changed and moved up the launch schedule. The app likely won’t be available in the European Union today, however, as Meta reportedly delayed the launch there over the region’s privacy regulations.

A listing in Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad devices (it also appeared on Google Play if you use Android, although the website suggests that version will launch later) indicated the launch would occur on July 6, and it’s possible that the store’s requirements will kick things live based on GMT instead of a US-based daily calendar.

Why Did Meta Move Instagram Threads Release Date Up?

There is no explanation for Meta’s decision to launch the app early. Still, possibly after seeing the fanfare Spill and BlueSky was receiving following the Twitter rate limit fiasco, Zuckerberg’s company is panicking a bit and wants to make sure it does not miss a window of opportunity.

One thing Threads has over the other platforms is that your Instagram followers will, and other profile information will transfer over. This means you don’t have to “start over,” like you have to do with the new social media platforms like Spill or BlueSky.

We won’t be getting the rumble in the metaverse soon, but we will see the billionaires duke it out to see who has the better app.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty