Many companies in the tech space believe a recession is on the horizon, and Meta is one of them.

It looks like Meta is not getting the welcomed reception Mark Zuckerberg was hoping for.

Facebook is reportedly hoping a new name can help it shed its troubled image.

Mark Zuckerberg will have some explaining to do after Haugen, 37, a product manager who worked at Facebook for two years, came with plenty of receipts.

 The world found out what life would be like if Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp didn't exist for a few hours.

Trump is leading class-action lawsuits against the companies, which also includes Google, but many observers believe that the business mogul may fall short of victory as he has in previous lawsuits filed previously.

After all of the racist and outright crazy sh*t that he has said on Twitter that many have warned would eventually lead to yesterday's bootleg coup, social media companies have said enough.

Facebook isn't really anyone's favorite social media network to use, its creator Mark Zuckerberg didn't help his creation win any more points after a FOX News interview.

Immediately following after its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg ridiculously poor outing on Capitol Hill, Facebook announced it is testing a news tab on its app.

Facebook is trying desperately to earn back the trust of its users it took for granted by mishandling their data due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In response to its poor behavior, the social media giant promised to release a Clear History Tool that would wipe away information that is collected from third-party apps, that […]