It must be an election year because faith is back on the ballot for the presidential race in November. Although our President Barack Hussein Obama may not have a traditional name (by U.S. standards), he has certainly presented himself as a traditional Christian. However, Republicans in the south are not buying the fact that Obama isn’t a Muslim, according to a recent poll.

Public Policy Polling took a survey of Republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi ahead of the GOP primaries to assess what the rocket scientists, ahem, fine people of the respective states thought of the remaining candidates chances. So far, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are deadlocked as the front-runners for those states. However, the PPP poll also posed the question of “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim, or are you note sure?” The answers provided show a staggering ignorance to investigative reporting.

Alabama pollsters rang in at 14% saying that the President is a Christian, while 45% are saying otherwise. 41% of those polled said they’re not too certain. In Mississippi, Republicans polled clocked in at 12% who think Obama is Christian while a whopping 52% of those polled said think he is Muslim; 36% were still on the fence figuring it out.

With all due respect to the fine people of Alabama and Mississippi, the lack of awareness from the Republican voting base is baffling and slightly embarrassing to say the least.



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