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Missy Elliott is using her star power to defend Flyana Boss after social media users posted open criticism over the continued running theme in the young Hip-Hop duo’s videos.

Best friends Folayan and Bobbi LaNea, better known as the sprinting musical team, Flyana Boss, have swiftly become the latest sensation to conquer the internet. Their viral presence has garnered widespread attention online– even snagging a Grammy.

Last week, the “DripDemeanor” rapper/icon clapped back at a critic who felt the need to assert their opinion on the group — who has become known for physically running through their videos while reciting lyrics to their songs ⁠— and their marketing method after labeling the methods as “redundant.”

“How many times they gon do the same thing in different videos for this song?” In their visuals, the girls are seen running through crowds of people while rapping their hit song “You Wish.”

The tweet received a response from Missy Elliott, who defended Flyana Boss’ artistic decisions by shedding light on how she experienced similar criticism when breaking out in the late-1990s.

“This old school tactic if you do a bunch of things you confuse the audience,” Missy explained. “They don’t know who you are That’s why most successful artist have eras and for that era they consistently do the same style and sound so you build a particular fan base. [For] Example, my 1st album I wore FingerWaves the entire time,” she wrote. “My sound was a futuristic vibe even down to the way I danced it was a jerky move. But all the elements established the type of artist I was… you must be consistent when you are a new artist.”

Missy’s authoritative teaching continued after another user asked the entertainment legend if confusing the audience by “doing a bunch of things” pertains to an artist’s sound as well; to which Missy replied that artists should focus on crafting a signature sound before experimenting with other creative decisions.

“I feel you should create a sound 1st so ppl can attach that sound to the artist and it becomes your signature,” Missy wrote. “Once the consumer know your sound then you can experiment. TeddyRiley he had the new Jack swing sound. Prince always used that flair drum it was his signature. So it’s like a entire package. That’s why you may see people say this was riri pop era or this was this artist R&B era because for that album they pretty much stay consistent the whole album even down to hair and clothes. Think of the group TLC oversized combat boots era.”

In other Missy Elliott news, fellow legend Busta Rhymes has completely shut down the idea of facing off against the “Supa Dupa Fly” rapper in a Verzuz battle; citing that he wouldn’t be able to fully flex on her with bravado as the reason. In a recent interview with Apple Music, the “Beach Ball” rapper shared that he was told there are two valid competitors that might be able to take him on in a Verzuz: Jay-Z or Missy Elliott.

“See, there’s never a Missy option,” Busta replied. “The reason why I can’t ever do a Verzuz or compete with Missy on a challenging level is ’cause that’s my twin. I’m Missy and she’s Busta Rhymes. I will never ever ever ever ever because I love her so much, I can’t talk my shit the way I would want to in a Verzuz. I love her too much and I hold her in a regard that’s so crazy.”