Diggy Explains Relationship With D’ Mile And Having Him Produce Most Of The Album

“D. Mile man, he took everything I wanted to do to the next level. He brought it into the album. His sound that he already has and it [went] with where I’ve wanted to go since my first mixtape, First Flight. I’ve got a little better at it on AirBorne, but this is it. It’s there now. Lyrically with me and just getting better at delivery and wordplay and all that came from me finding my niche and getting better throughout that mix tape process. So once I got to L.A., and the first track we did together, “Two Up,” I felt like, “Wow, this dude has melodies in his music that I feel like I’ve heard before. That’s how incredible and just how much of a bond we have, musically. So we are going to be doing music together until the end of time, God willing.”


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