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“You can’t sign a deal in a conversation — it’s a process. We’ll see what happens.”

50 Cent, the man whose name has become synonymous with controversy in the weeks leading up to his official release of Before I Self Destruct, is speaking out on his alleged contractual agreement with Jay-Z’s latest enemy, Beanie Sigel.

As previously reported , Fif and Beanie caused mass speculation of a possible new G-Unit alliance after appearing on a Philadelphia radio show.

Now 50’s clarifying the situation andtold MTV’s Mixtape Daily that he needs to hear fresh material from him before he could finalize any plans.

“I had a meeting with him today. First we gotta start with the music — where’s the music? Then we have to get into what it would take to bring him over to G-Unit as a record company. “

He then made sure to give Beans his props saying that while he hasn’t had a release in years, he’s confident that the veteran has some old tracks stashed away that warrant a listen.

“I would listen to what he has. His skills haven’t diminished. Nine times out of 10, he’ll have something workable already on deck. When you’re dealing with artists who have been established longer than you, it’s a process. You have to figure out exactly where they are at before you commit to being a part of those projects, because they have habits and they’ve been conditioned for something different. You have to figure out exactly what that is before you dive in.”

In between talks of a new G-Unit member Fif’s been on the road promoting his new “Power by 50” fragrance.He’s currently on a mall tour greeting fans and spraying the masses with the scent, marketed by Lighthouse Beauty. The company, who is also responsible for an upcoming fragrance from Kim Kardashian, will be helping Fif promote his product as he travels across the country. His next stop will be in Atlanta at the Macy’s in Perimeter Square Mall Saturday followed by stops in Chicago, San Francisco and L.A.