1. adidas Superstar

The three adidas shoes that defined the 70’s in the NBA and ABA were the previously mentioned Pro Model, Top Ten and the adidas Superstar. The adidas Superstar was THE sneaker of the NBA during the 70’s (partly due to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar adopting them and later endorsing his own adidas shoe) since at one point 75% of all NBA players used it as their sneaker of choice. The sneaker was also immensely popular during the helter skelter days of the ABA. The shelltoed shoe became a B-Boy staple and was made immensely popular worldwide by the Hip Hop trio Run DMC during the early 80’s. The adidas Superstar experienced a serious resurgence around 1992 and has since been the cornerstone of the Adidas Originals line. It’s arguably the greatest sneaker ever made.

Honorable Mentions: adidas Powerphase (Mid & Hi), adidas Concord, adidas Equipment ADV (Boot), adidas Phantom, adidas ZX 500, adidas Decade, adidas Forum Crest, adidas Torsion Attack, adidas Torsion Artillery, adidas Gazelle

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