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Suge Knight didn’t waste time starting as much controversy as possible during his interview with L.A. radio station, 93.5 KDay Friday (April 20). Aside from re-opening speculation into whether or not Tupac is still alive,  the former Death Row Records head fired more than a few verbal shots at Rick Ross, over the track “Tupac Back.”

Knight, threatened to “beat the dog s–t” out of Ross if given the opportunity blasting the Maybach Music frontman for his affiliation with Diddy— who, he believes is to blame for Tupac’s 1996 death. Despite not knowing Ross personally, Knight launched into a full-fledged attack, calling the rapper out on just about everything. “This a guy who uses somebody else’s name,” he said, referencing the Miami MC’s namesake, Freeway Rick Ross. “This is a guy who comes from being a corrections officer. I don’t have nothing negative about him personally, I just feel that he do good music, and you can’t take that from him. That boy got bars, he writes, it might be somebody else’s story [he’s] writing, but at least he’s writing. But at the same time, I think it’s a line you cross and Rick Ross crossed that line. If you’re gonna be with the guy [Diddy] who promotes he killed Tupac, you can’t go turn around and do a record saying ‘Tupac Back.’ Rick Ross is a grown a$$ n–a. I’ll beat the dog s–t out of Rick Ross because I feel it’s wrong to manipulate these people out here.”

Ross has yet to respond, but this isn’t the first time he’s found himself the target of beef. His infamous rift with 50 Cent ended in 2010, when Ross decided that he’d had enough of going back and forth with the G-unit head honcho.

Back in the day, Knight had a reputation for handing out fades, but being that he already caught a vicious two-piece while partying in 2008, then again in 2009, he might not want it with Ross.



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