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M.I.A. has taken her talents to the alcohol industry. The lauded British MC has been pretty busy this year, but still found time to design a limited edition bottle for Beck’s Beer. Although she’s not much of a drinker, the 36-year-old jumped at the chance to work with the company.

In an interview with Spin, M.I.A. explained how the collaboration came about. “Things have their way,” she said. “I was in India at the time doing artwork anyway, and somebody sent it to me, and it kind of fit with the theme of what I was making. And so I said yes because I felt like it was perfect.” The design features an array of colors inside a ying-yang symbol, inspired by her Indian roots. “I was making that as a painting or with those elements anyway, and I put together a version for them out of what I was making for myself at the time.”

The “Bad Girls” rapper, who caused controversy at this year’s Super Bowl for flipping the bird at the camera, is also working on her next album, Mantangi. “I’ve been working on the songs by myself for a while,” she continued. ”I’m trying to work with tons of people, I don’t really wanna say any names because I haven’t actually chosen what songs are going on it yet.”

No word yet on when the album drops.



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