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Allen Iverson may be persona non grata in the NBA, but his sneakers are still highly coveted by fans. Especially A.I.’s first signature shoe, the Reebok Question Mid, which is getting a retro release on May 25th. The shoes first dropped in 1996, featured Hexalite cushioning and thanks to a white leather upper and a pearlized red leather to were an aesthetic winner.

Yes, these are the same kicks the non-practicing NBA great wore when he gave Air Jordan the drugs at the top of the key. Bubba Chuck was actually rocking the white & blue colorway, but those are on the way at a later date too (see Swizz Beatz Instagram pic below for the evidence). Getting a fresh pair of the white & red version on May 25th will cost you $120. Check out a bunch of photos of the Reebok Question Mid in the gallery.


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Photos: Reebok, Inside The Sneaker Box

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