Freshman opus: Reasonable Doubt

# of tries: 9

Close but no Cohiba: The Blueprint

“Can’t Knock The Hustle,” “Politics as Usual,” “Brooklyn’s Finest,” “Dead Presidents II,” “Feeling It,” “D’ Evils” (pulls Gucci bucket over face) and that’s just the first half of the album, in order. This LP was pure unadulterated perfection. Jay’s style was impeccable, and the beats were impregnable, word to Iron Mike. However, Hov has been yet to top this album pinnacle since. It’s not like it has mattered. Jay has become one of the most popular rappers in the world, gone on to put out a record breaking 11 Billboard topping CDs and has parlayed his popularity into beaucoup business ventures. But when it comes to albums, it gets no better than RDThe Blueprint, which came out six years and three solo albums later, is a close second. But aint no Jigga like the one on Reasonable.

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