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“I was not born February 17.”

For all of those that were unaware of the fact, the online research resource known as Wikipedia can be heavy with relevant information on a particular subject, but the accuracy isn’t up to par with the “facts” that are being given.

As an artist whose fame has helped him to acquire his own page, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco actually met with The Wikipedia Files in order to verify his biography.

Of all the findings, there was a major error to find and it was the fact that Lupe was actually born February 16.

Ranging from his history doing martial arts at 3-years-old to borrowing the name Lupe from a friend back in high school, most of his past was on point as dictated by Wikipedia.

“We did theatre together and we were like the tech crew.  We were just like homeboys and I was really small and scrawny and he was this big Columbian and I was like, ‘Hey Imma take your name, it’s cool’ and he was like ‘Man, I love it’.  He’s super cool with it.”

Minor trouble came about with the mention of the debut track, “Kick, Push” as the page read that the song was heavily influenced by skateboarding when it actually was about skateboarding.

“There’s a skate shop called Uprise.  I wrote about one of the guys that works at Uprise, it’s right on Milwaukee and I wrote the song about him.”

The facts also revealed that Fiasco is in the process of writing a novel about a window washer titled Reflections of A Window Washer.

“I am.  I’m not finished.  I’m probably on Chapter 3.  I’m starting to get lazy so I’m like I’m going to become a short story writer and leave it at four chapters.  I’ve been writing it for about five years now.”

“I always thought that it was interesting and kind of like an underrated job.  It’s very dangerous, like people die every year from window washing.  It’s very competitive.  I think it’s taking something as mundane and odd as being a window washer and then, he’s so profound, because it’s an introspection, he breaks down everything to its most minor part.  It’s very interesting, I like it.  It’s a New York best-seller.”

College students be aware.  Wikipedia has been a source used by many for countless years, but has been filled with major holes of inaccuracy that can only be a set up for failure.  Make sure to always use more than one to further reinforce findings.

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