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Down in good old Mississippi the governor is looking to save the state money and proposing brash and controversial budget cuts.

Governor Haley Barbour revealed a new plan Monday to merge eight universities into five and reduce the number of school districts. In particular he’s proposing merging the states’ three Historically Black Colleges into one.

If Governor Barbour’s plan is elected, students at Alcorn State University and Mississippi Valley State University would join their rivals at Jackson State University.

According to the governor however, none of the schools would be closed. Instead the state would save money in administrative jobs and” eliminate duplication in academic offerings.”

In the understatement of the year Governor Barbour spoke out about his new plan saying,

“Nothing about this budget is going to be popular.”


Uhhh ya think?

To be fair the man’s plan is frugal. He proposes spending only $5.5 billion which is $715 million less than the state originally budgeted for the current year.

Students at the rival schools shouldn’t fret just yet however. Members of the Mississippi house and senate often ignore the governor’s plans. There is speculation however that lawmakers may go along with it because of the poor economy.

I’m sorry but if I were in school I’d be upset, imagine if they tried to merge Hampton and Norfolk State!

I don’t care if both schools offer the same classes, I would never take classes at Norfolk! Gross!