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Dennis Rodman is no stranger to controversy. The former NBA star is a legend in the league for his on-court skill but a deity of sorts in the media for his outlandish antics.

While competing in a “USA Legends of Basketball” exhibition game in the small town of Trier, Germany, the man that wore a wedding dress to his own wedding found himself unable to leave the country after throwing a party as neglecting to pay for it.

According to local prosecutor Jurgen Bauer, the hotel in which Rodman was staying agreed to pay for his overnight stay, but refused to pick up the alcohol tab for the night. Rodman and his guests consumed $5,100 in beverages at the shindig.

Local police stooped the b-ball great on the highway, pulling over his stretch limo and holding him within the country until the all of his debts were paid. Eventually all money owed was paid, as well as an extra $2,500, which was meant to dismiss any legal action that may result from the incident.