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Amazing how this all just started with an opinion at Summer Jam. The morning, the Breakfast Club attempted to expose Peter Rosenberg for some text messages he allegedly sent in 2010 trying to get a date with Angela Yee and slandering his co-worker, K.Foxx, in the process. 

The opening text alleged to be from Rosenberg reads “I know this is a long shot, but will you ever go out with a fat jewish hip hop nerd ?” The response assumed to be from Yee was “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”. The following text serves as an attempt to duck the alleged question presented. It reads “next subject, I wish it was you i was working with instead of this chick from Miami. So annoying.”

Rosenberg claims fraudulency on Power 105.1’s end, stating that the facts don’t add up in regards to the type of phone the texts came from. He goes on to say. “For the record, if you guys are going to make up fake joints about us, at least make it add up. Cause it says it’s a Verizon text message on an iPhone.”

K. Foxx goes on to defend the alleged fraudulency Rosenberg is speaking against by stating that Verizon didn’t recieve iPhone service until 2011 while the supposed texts are from 2010.

It this all pans out, Hot 97 should be hitting Power 105.1 all with a hee haw anytime now.


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