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Yet another example of buffoonery caught on tape, but instead of aspiring teen Internet stars, adults are sharing in the embarrassment. Mothers attending a preschool graduation at the Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School in South Central, Los Angeles last week, started fighting in a school classroom, as several children screamed in the background.

The altercation occurred on June 7, but –much like several other fights these days— recently found its way to YouTube. Even more ridiculous is the source of the debacle, which erupted because a parent was unhappy that her son had to share a cap and gown with other students, for school pictures. Rather than verbally settle their discrepancies, the women resort to throwing punches, as someone yells “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

According to a spokesperson for the LAUSD, the school sent a letter home to parents about the fight, and no charges have been filed.



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