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There’s a new figure looking to launch himself into the war over obesity in this country, and his name is David Morse. The “multi-cultural marketer” wrote a blog for Ad Age in which he breaks down where minorities fall in what he calls the “month of soda wars.”

Among the recent events attacking the American public’s right to continue a detrimental food and drink regimen, include New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg’sefforts to end the sale of sodas over 16 oz. in local eateries, and Disney’s removal of unhealthy food and beverage adds from their shows, inspired by Michelle Obama’s tireless efforts to curb childhood obesity. According to Morse, advertising juggernauts like Coca-Cola— the world’s largest beverage company— purposely targets Black and Latinos, and should continue to do so. Citing former Coca-Cola employee Todd Putman’s description of the “cut-throat ad man” as an example, Morse defended the company’s tireless efforts to appeal to Black and Latino customers as a smart business tactic. “Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity summarized several studies last year establishing that that African Americans, who are more likely to drink them, are at a higher risk for obesity and related chronic diseases,” he wrote.

In his research, Morse concluded that minority neighborhoods have larger amounts of soda- ads, and or good reason. “Let’s face it. Hispanics and African Americans are much less interested in diet products,” he continued.  “Sugary drinks — often the sweeter the better — do well with them. There are a lot of cultural barriers to getting both these groups to understand the importance of being lean.”


Although not a health care professional (by his own admission), Morse defended beverage companies for their “strong multicultural marketing efforts” stating that he “applauds the leadership of the sot-drink industry,” for “recognizing the changing face of America.”

Morse appears to be the publication’s go-to white person when it comes to advertising and minorities. He’s also written on interracial marriage, and the subject of “Hispanic identity.”


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