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“We should scratch her scalp and put a perm in it.” A one liner like that could only mean one thing: Issa Rae and Co. is back. The awkwardly aggressive and spot-on hilarious webseries, Awkward Black Girl, has returned for a second season, with backing from Pharrell’s “i am OTHER” channel.

Issa set the bar high with the first season of ABG, and it’s going to be a challenge to recreate those uncomfortable every day moments. She brings that internal dialogue in technicolor: Do you have to strike up a conversation on the long walk to the bathroom? How long should you wait to Purell your phone after the sick girl sneezes all over it?  What do you do when someone actually sees you blowing off their phone call?  And how do I deal with the hateful coworker you mentally drop kick when you pass them in the hallways?

Now that last season’s cliffhanger has been solved, and J has chosen to date her equally awkward counterpart, White Jay, there should be more than enough hilarity to go around.

The season premiere finds J trying to understand the importance of a “three week anniversary,” surviving her hellish office’s dress code, and ducking the coworker who wants to get a little “les-be-honest.” Her best friend Cece, the Hip-Hop dancing adorable cornball who always has J’s back, is trying to get her to drop it like it’s hot on her new man. And she just wouldn’t be J if she didn’t grab her notebook and spit some aggressive rhymes. Maybe they got her laughed off the football field when she tried to mack it to one of the jocks, but it scored her points with white Jay. A Neptunes collabo is definitely on the wish list for season two.

Season 2 is off to a great start. It would be hard to imagine that cable networks will not court Issa Rae for a third season, but her creative freedom is safer on the Internet. We’re ready to see what’s in store this season. When crap happens, sometimes you just have to laugh.

She’s awkward, she’s black, and she’s back, ya’ll. Welcome back, Issa.



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