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A proper Snoop Dogg album — produced by Pharrell of course — is just what the doctor ordered. And that’s just what Hip-Hop fans will get with Bush.

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Pharrell wears many hats. And that wasn’t a joke, but rather a reference to his upcoming collaborative release with Uniqlo.

News, pharrell williams will see Pharrell Williams in court because of an ongoing dispute over the use of “I Am” in the latter’s “i am OTHER” brand. No, this situation hasn’t been resolved.

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Pharrell Williams isn’t taking any chances with‘s attempts to keep all things “I Am” for himself. The N.E.R.D. rapper/singer has sued the Black Eyed Peas frontman in order to keep using his own “i am OTHER” brand.

News’s legal action against Pharrell Williams isn’t a lawsuit, his lawyer says. Rolling Stone obtained court documents in which the Los Angeles native accused Williams of stealing his “I Am” moniker for “i am OTHER.”

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If you’re familiar with Nardwuar and his brand of interviewing, then you know that it typically involves the Canadian music connoisseur surprising your favorite artist with gifts and little known facts about their pasts. Pharrell on the other hand came prepared to counter the Human Serviette with questions of his own during their most recent encounter at […]

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Bay Area legend and sworn enemy of Webster’s Dictionary, E-40, is the latest rapper to chop it up with The Human Serviette, Nardwuar. As always, Nardwuar gets uncomfortably close to one of your favorite rappers and leaves them flustered with just how completely thorough and in depth this guy’s research goes. Forty Water is no […]

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Buddy is one of Pharrell’s new young artist that the Neptunes producer has signed to his creative imprint, i am OTHER. The Compton-bred rapper gets the assist from Skateboard P behind the boards ton his new record, “Inspired.” Buddy has been hard at work with Pha-real putting together his debut project, a mixtape titled Idle Time.  It’s hard […]

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The Human Serviette Nardwuar takes on Asher Roth in this week’s interview. The extremely well thought out researcher and awkward interviewer talks to Asher about his famed high school where an ESPN reporter had relations with his high school teacher, who was a student at that time. Asher also receives vinyl records from Nardwuar including […]


“We should scratch her scalp and put a perm in it.” A one liner like that could only mean one thing: Issa Rae and Co. is back. The awkwardly aggressive and spot-on hilarious webseries, Awkward Black Girl, has returned for a second season, with backing from Pharrell’s “i am OTHER” channel. Issa set the bar high […]

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Homos-xuality is quickly becoming one of the hot button issues that will effect this years upcoming presidential election, down there with legalization of marijuana, immigration, and the ever decaying economy. Pharrell’s iamOTHER, which is a series that he created as a celebration of the extraordinary, asks if homos-xuality has a place in Hip-Hop, society, and […]

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Super interviewer Nardwuar incorporates his phenomenal fact finding techniques to interview Curren$y for the third time. Did he run out of questions to ask? Of course not. After again expressing concern over getting 2-pieced by Nardwuar’s microphone, Spitta answers questions about the Sex Pistols, voodoo in New Orleans, his dad’s band and other topics, including […]